Preparing Your Home for




Photo-shoots take approximately 1.5 hours and there are several tours scheduled in a day. Therefore, it is very important to have the home 100% ready to be in the spotlight before the photographer arrives. Here are some tips to getting your home looking its best and spotlight ready:

Things that should not be seen


• Cars in the driveway • Shoes and coats

• Pets and their dishes, toys and beds

• Large storage bins and boxes

• Freestanding fans

• Shampoo bottles and toiletries

• Nothing hanging on the backs of doors

• Kleenex boxes and throw blankets

• Remote controls

• Children's toys (unless put away neatly)

• Brooms, shovels, garbage & recycling bins

• please remove all mats in house including bathroom.



• Counters should be as bare as possible

• Remove magnets & messages from fridge

• No tea towels

• Hide basket of mail & medications

• Make sure all dishes are put away



• Close toilet lid and hid garbage can

• Remove all toiletries from sink area and shower/bath

• Open shower curtains




• Replace burnt out light bulbs

• DE-clutter and tidy up tables and shelves

• Turn ceiling fans off

• Make all beds nicely

• Do not place things under furniture, the camera catches it every time!


Your Home is spotlight Ready!

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